The Showcase

‘The Showcase’ hand-picks high-end properties that are for sale and evaluates the target audience and route to market. A maximum of six properties or developments are invited at any one time, all complementary and non-competitive and each one upholding the level of quality of product & branding. Sorores organises, curates and hosts events in key countries inviting a wide demographic, key influencers, HNWI’s and agents (where applicable). To showcase the properties, the team create a fantastic experential day/evening for its guests collaborating with local and international brands to ensure maximum exposure via PR and through the collaborators black book.

The events introduce and expose properties to their guests without direct selling. This is a more successful strategy in getting the right target audience at the events and the right quality of people. Each property brand will be identified on every touch-point of the event from the invitation to the gift bags upon departure, in theory they become ‘the sponsor’. The product will be illustrated throughout the events through a designed ‘deck’, both printed and digital, which will exude the essence of each individual property and in-turn create the desirability for sale - all this is designed and crafted through our team.

Our core expertise is Business Development and we have much experience in Prime Property Sales and closing deals. Sorores is fully equipped to engage with the prospective clients on each of the portfolios at the events and we have an inherent drive to create sales opportunities for the client and their agents.