Guilt-Free Festival Fun

Festival season is approaching, and while it’s all about living your best life, it’s important to keep in mind the impact that festivals have on our precious planet.

 Sorores love what Coachella festival in Palm Springs, California are doing this year to minimise their environmental impact.


To tackle waste disposal, staff are handing out recycling bags to guests daily, with daily collections and prize giving incentives for taking part. They’ve also introduced a ‘Waste Gang’ team who are walking around the festival to help visitors properly dispose of their waste.

Several donation centres have been set up where visitors can donate unwanted goods instead of disposing of them, and The Recycling Store allows you to trade 10 recyclable bottles or cans for fresh water, or more to redeem bigger prizes.


Almost all of the servicewear that food and drink stands are providing is compostable, and they’ve encouraged guests to bring re-usable bottles and containers with them at all costs.

To encourage lift sharing, prizes can be won for carpooling more than 4 people to the festival.


Coachella have set up an Energy Playground this year, where guests can charge their phones by pumping iron on fairground rides.

Guests can also work with artists to bring their ideas on social and environmental change to life in poster form at the Posted Studio, and ideas for the most creative recycling bin designs won free festival passes in pre-planning stages.

There are loads more amazing things being introduced to encourage people to participate in good environmental practices, and we love it!

Check them all out here:

Keep up the good work, and we hope to see more of this from festival organisers as the summer season kicks in!