Be Happier At Work

We sat down to chat to our dear friend David Webster to get some tips on how to improve your work life. David is a business coach and recently founded Edlin Consulting.

“I like helping people. I help my clients to succeed, embrace change, reduce stress, improve how they work and increase their confidence and enjoyment of life.”

Visit his website here.

David’s Top 10 tips on how to be happier at work:

1. Play to your strengths and manage your weaknesses

2. Smile


3. Take time to chat

4. Make a list at the beginning of the week and each day

5. Make sure the lists prioritise between the “must dos” and the “nice to dos”. Don’t overload the list: be realistic 

6. Try and do one thing each day to (a) help your team and (b) help someone else

7. Make some time for yourself whether to do emails, exercise or think


8. Walk up and down stairs - try to get at least 20 minutes exercise each day

9. Eat Well:  drink less coffee and drink lots of water

10. Make time at the beginning or end of the day for your family

If you’d like any information about David’s services or if you’re interested in Business Coaching get in touch with us now… and don’t forget to be happy!

Team Sorores x