Morpheus in the News

The first feature is dedicated to the design house’s exquisite upcoming design at the Centre Point Residences, a development by Almacantar. Inspiration for the apartment was drawn from the iconic building’s architecture and history, while also keeping in mind the vibrant and creative area Centre Point resides in. The dream for the project centred around strong angular architectural geometry married to natural tan leathers and rich blues, with a '60s flavour and thick woven textures, inspired by the creative spirit of the area and the potential clients who might live there.

The second piece from Prime Resi highlights Morpheus’ work on a duplex penthouse interior design scheme at Oceanic House in St James’s, London. Taking direction from the architecture, but with a subtle nod to the building’s luxury maritime travel history and wooden panelling on the lower floor, Morpheus has created a contemporary styled interior threaded with inspiration from the graceful forms of abstract water movement.

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