I Want The Moon




It was in 1969: The Apollo 11 Moon landing inspired Giancarlo Zanatta to invent Moon Boot, introducing a new wave of colour, fun, innovation and creativity. The Moon Boot story is like a journey through design and fashion history.  

Since 1969 the Moon Boot has been “The footwear” for the winter, whose unmistakable crossed lacing and distinctive sole structure have turned it into an inimitable icon. A synonym for design, creativity and colour since it first appeared, Moon Boots present an exclusive new interpretation of the famous nylon-based classic. The iconic boot comes, in this season, in an array of bolds: pink, lime, red and white.

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 15.10.27.png

Directly from the dark side of the Moon: Far Side is the latest project from Moon Boot, intended for an urban lifestyle, not just for days in the snow. Incorporating the classic features that have made the Moon Boot a timeless, iconic object, Far Side is a boot with an original unique structure intended for the luxury market. Made from materials of the highest quality; calf leather and shearling, it is enhanced with luxury details to create a powerful statement.

Three styles have been developed for the season: High, Mid and Low, all created from natural materials and with glitter and pearl effects. Special attention has been paid to the quality of the sheepskin, which is also used in reverse to accentuate the effect of soft warmth associated with the brand.

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 15.10.35.png

 All the elements of the Moon Boot DNA are reflected in the boot’s unique characteristics: the lacing, the shape of the upper, the sole, and the comfort of the fit.


View the new collection here.